Scary that most Sleep Apnea victims have Acid Reflux…. and other comorbidities.

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The Causes:
During the cessations of breathing the body will increase its efforts to take in air.
Abdominal contractions are exaggerated and increase until breathing resumes.
The contractions squeeze the stomach and force acid up the esophagus.
The efforts to breathe also increase a negative pressure in the esophagus which also pull up acid.

Become a Sleep Medicine Dentist and help your patients that have these Sleep Apnea connected comorbidities and symptoms-
Diabetes, High Blood Pressure GERD, headaches, nocturnal bruxism.

Explanations like this are presented in the upcoming Sleep Apnea seminars:
Oklahoma City    Dr.Damian Blum
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Dr Barry Freydberg
Dr.Damian Blum
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