RECENT FINDINGS: Periodontal Spirochetes definitively linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

  Periodontal Spirochetes definitively linked to Alzheimer’s disease.


For several years dentists and hygienists have been making the public aware of the connection between Periodontal (gum) Disease and many other systemic diseases. It is well documented that the same bacteria (primarily spirochetes) that harbor in the gums and are directly related to heart disease, strokes, lung disease, kidney failure, and premature underweight births.

After all this time, insurance companies still have little regard for the treatment of periodontal disease, which we know is the main cause of tooth loss, a major contributor to the many systemic diseases, and recently connected to Altzheimer’s Disease. The inadquate coverage by most insurance companies discourages patients from accepting essential periodontal services.
Here is a technical report from The Journal of Neuroinflammation, August 2011, which is well documented: “Alzheimer’s disease – a neurospirochetosis.”
Spirochete under magnification by phase microscope.
The association of spirochetes with Alzheimer’s disease.
The frequency of spirochetes is significantly higher in the brains of
Alzheimer patients compared to controls. The statistical analysis is
based on the cumulative data of the literature entered in the table
The association is statistically significant in the four groups analyzed:
in the group where all types of spirochetes were detected using
neutral techniques (All spirochetes), in the group of oral periodontal
pathogen spirochetes (Oral spirochetes
), in the group where Borrelia
burgdorferi was detected alone (B. burgdorferi) and in the group
where all studies were considered (All studies).
FOR A QUICK SUMMARY CONCLUSION SEE : Periodontal pathogen spirochetes (pg 3)
The American Dental Association reports that over 85% of the adult population has some degree of Periodontal Disease. A complete “Perio Exam” can be performed by a Dentist or Hygienist.