SLEEP GROUP SOLUTIONS presents “Treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea in the Dental Office” to Broward County Dental Association (Florida)

Monday November 21st, 2016, 6 PM
Call BCDA 850-628-7939 for reservations
John Nadeau, VP of SGS, presents this Intro to Dental Sleep Medicine, including Medical Billing for Dentists
5-16-16 b- tip of iceberg
You can join the battle to combat this serious disease Sleep Apnea..
Get trained and prepared to help the 40 million victims of sleep apnea.
 Many of them are already your patients.
Be a shining light and stand out as a doctor who literally saves lives.



Dr. George Jones will explain the WHY and the HOW of these Obstructive Sleep Apnea connections:

  • WHY is High Blood Pressure a symptom of SA?
  • WHY is Acid Reflux (GERD) a symptom of SA?
  • WHY is Diabetes a symptom of SA?

Learn the risk factors and HOW they contribute to OSA:

  • Excess weight. Fat deposits around your upper airway may obstruct your breathing. However, not everyone who has sleep apnea is overweight. Thin people develop OSA, too.
  • A narrowed airway. You may have inherited a naturally narrow throat. Or, your tonsils or adenoids may become enlarged, which can block your airway. An enlarged or inflamed uvula will block the airway.
    Being male. Men are twice as likely to have sleep apnea. However, women increase their risk if they’re overweight, and their risk also appears to rise after menopause.
  • Age. Sleep apnea occurs much more often in adults over 60.
  • Family history. If you have family members with sleep apnea, you may be at increased risk.
  • Race. In people under 35 years old, blacks are more likely to have obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Use of alcohol, sedatives or tranquilizers. These substances relax the muscles in your throat.
  • Smoking. Smokers are three times more likely to have obstructive sleep apnea than are people who’ve never smoked. Smoking may increase the amount of inflammation and fluid retention in the upper airway. This risk likely drops after you quit smoking.
  • Nasal congestion. If you have difficulty breathing through your nose — whether it’s from an anatomical problem or allergies — you’re more likely to develop obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Neck circumference. People with a thicker neck may have a narrower airway.
Earn 16 CE credits and become The Sleep Dentist.
Brand yourself as a Doctor who understands, discovers, treats sleep  problems.
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See the two day course outline and register here:


Dr. George Jones
Dr. George Jones is a native of Wheeling, WV and earned his BS in Chemistry from Wheeling Jesuit University. He received his Dental Degree from the University Of Florida College Of Dentistry, and relocated to coastal North Carolina in 2003. Over the years, Dr. Jones has served as a consultant and evaluator for several dental manufacturers and maintains a private practice in Sunset Beach, NC. .


It was only three years ago that I read that less than 1% of American licensed dentists were practicing sleep medicine. In those few years that number has risen to 4%. If we have approximately 205,000 practicing dentists in the USA, then there are only 8200 Dentists serving the needs of the multitude of people affected with sleep disorders.According to a Harvard health report there are 18.9 million undiagnosed cases of obstructive sleep apnea and a minimum of 40% – 1.3 million -of CPAP users who are non-compliant. So that alone conservatively projects 20.2 million victims of obstructive sleep apnea who may be helped by a dentist trained in oral appliance therapy (OAT).
Is there any better opportunity in dentistry?

Dental sleep medicine: the hottest button in dentistry today.
Awareness of sleep apnea in America is at an all-time peak. The fires of awareness are being stoked by the public media and by social media. Patients are understanding and becoming increasingly more concerned about the blockage of oxygen to the brain and to other organs. Strokes. Heart attacks. Diabetes. Dementia. Motor vehicle accidents. People are recognizing that they have the symptoms and are asking their Dentists about it. Some doctors have the solutions. Every Dentist would like to be “The Sleep Dentist.”
Seminar training courses are now available through Sleep Group Solutions every week, in different cities, throughout the United States. They are training dentists to discover the victims of sleep apnea and to treat them with the most appropriate modalities. Oral appliance therapy (OAT) is the most convenient and preferred therapy for the mild and moderate cases and for those patients who cannot tolerate the CPAP device. Fortunately, this is where the dentist in shining armor rides in on a white horse to the rescue. Dentists, we like to say, are on the front line of the battle against sleep apnea. Dentists are in the optimum position to see the signs and symptoms and can offer the most preferred solutions to the problem.
 Are you ready to join the battle? 


This year the week of March 6-12 was designated as Dental Assistants Recognition Week for the United States and Canada.
One clever dentist, Dr. Mark Boukzam of Deerfield, Florida,  gave his team a reward that will last a lifetime. He trained his loyal team in Dental Sleep Medicine. “We realized that many of our patients were suffering from sleep apnea and I wanted to be able to help them.”, Dr. Boukzam said.  After receiving training in the Sleep Group Solutions’ seminar, he implemented a program where every staff member could benefit from helping their patients enjoy healthy, life-supporting sleep. “By involving every member of my team in screening and interviewing our patients,” Dr. Boukzam adds, “I am able to show them that I view them as total health care professionals. They helped me build this dental practice and I want to share the success with them.”
Liz, the practice’s Patient Care Coordinator says, ” After 15 years in dental practice this is the most rewarding service I have participated in. I feel I am truly improving the quality of life for my patients.. and in fact, saving lives.”
12-28-11 THANK YOU
There is no greater gift we can give ourselves than to help our fellow men and women.
  The theme for this year’s event was “Our mission is to serve, our passion is to care,”
Dental Assistants’ Recognition Week
  Each year, dentists take a week to honor dental assistants for their role on the dental team, recognizing their broad spectrum of duties and highlighting their often unheralded contribution to quality dental care. The American Dental Assistants Association, American Dental Association, Canadian Dental Assistants Association and Canadian Dental Association jointly recognize the observance. Dental assistant associations, dental assisting schools, and U.S. Army and Air Force dental clinics all join dental offices in honoring dental assistants during this designated week.
2-9-12 FIT YOU IN


5-20-12 HUMAN PYR

Here is how you can gain respect as a thought leader, generate New Patients, and provide a great public service.

Select a topic that will draw an audience. The “hottest” topic today is Sleep Apnea. Just google into the internet and you will see the widespread interest in Obstructive Sleep Apnea. People are becoming very aware of the dangers caused by the stoppage of breathing while they are asleep. They are looking for answers and very few Dentists are prepared to help them. Take a training course or a seminar, become knowledgeable in the signs and symptoms, the risk factors, and in the various treatment options. Sharpen your expertise.
6-2-12 BRAIN
Here’s how you do it:
Present a free seminar in your Reception Room. Select a date at least one month out so you and your invitees will be able to get it into your schedules.
How to Announce and Promote it:
  • Have a “sign-up sheet in your office
  • Send out email announcements to patients of record; ask them to assure their place by return email.
  • Let each invitee know they may invite two friends or relatives.
  • Place a large colorful poster in your Reception Room.
  • Distribute flyers to local businesses and professional offices.
  • Place a small display ad in your local newspaper.

Some Tips for your Seminar
  • Present it in the largest room in your office- usually the Reception Room
  • Prevent any interruptions – turn off phone ringers, etc.
  • Have a “Welcome Table” with some juices and other beverages (sugarless, of course).
  • Have your flyers, brochures, and business cards on the “Welcome Table”.
  • Prepare a power point presentation with video.
  • Subjects like Sleep Apnea are serious, but to keep the audience entertained, infuse some humor.
  • Encourage interactive participation. Invite questions from the audience.
  • Prepare some hand-outs for the participants to take home.
  • These are just a few ideas. I am sure you will think of a lot more.

Objectives and Outcomes

You will be respected as a Leader and Educator.

You will generate New Patient leads.

You will provide a needed and valuable public service.

If you want some help with any of this you may email me: cskdoc@


“Satisfied” doesn’t do much for you.  Make them leave you ENTHUSIASTIC and eager to tell the first person they see about their great experience.
Make them want to tell their friends and families that you are caring and professional. Caring enough to be concerned about treating the entire person, not just their teeth, and professional enough to know how the conditions in the oral cavity effect the other systemic organs.
Dentists who perform services like a sleep disorder screening and are able to offer solutions like an intra-oral appliance will “wow” their patients and encourage them to be enthusiastic ambassadors. It’s easy, economical and powerful to develop your patients into a marketing team like that. Simply take a course and learn Dental Sleep Medicine. 
The objective is to have every patient leave the office ENTHUSIASTIC and eager to tell the first person they see about their great dental office experiences. The side benefit of adding Dental Sleep Medicine to your practice is that you will be filling a underserved need and helping a lot of suffering patients.


The pioneer is the creator, the inventor, forges the routes, leaps the barriers and opens new worlds. The crusader watches and says, “I could have done it better”.

5-12-12 Indira2

Indira Gandhi, First woman Prime Minister of India 1980-1984
“My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.” ~Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi was the first woman Prime Minister of India- 1980-1984



A California dentist teaches us all how to do it.
He offers free Sleep and Welfare screenings in Health Fairs and in his office.
He scores these benefits:
  • Helps these people discover their underlying causes of sleep dysfunction.
  • Spreads a huge awareness of the dangers of Obstructive Sleep Apnea 
  • Creates recognition that he is a generous, caring healthcare professional
  • Builds a Dental Sleep Medicine practice
We applaud you, Dr.Thuy Nga Le Vu
Now you ask, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  If you think it’s a good idea, DO IT NOW! Contact your mall administrator and local Chamber of Commerce and discuss the nearest opportunity.

Roseville, CA   California Dentist, Dr. Thuy Nga Le Vu and staff were recently trained in identifying, diagnosing (with physicians) and offering treatment for patients with the deadly disorder, Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Trained by Sleep Group Solutions, Galleria Smile Designs, and all three of their locations, will bring their turnkey protocol to three different health fairs to spread the awareness of sleep apnea and ways to treat it. Galleria Smile Design will also provide Sleep Apnea screening and treatment in-office, by appointment.

Upcoming health fairs are open to employees and some public members, at the California Correctional Health Care Service on August 26, The Department of State Hospitals Health and Wellness on September 8th, and the UPS Health and Safety BBQ on September 11th.  Dr. Vu and staff are looking forward to raising awareness, as well as offering a solution.  “We are honored to help spread awareness that this treatment can save lives, not only for themselves but others around them that may be affected.”  says Dr. Vu.  “It affects everyone around us, even when sharing the same road with someone falling asleep at the wheel due to OSA, they may not even be aware of it.”  Dr. Vu’s staff will do an initial patient screener with the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, and schedule appointments for any sleep apnea red flags.

“We find an enormous amount of patients and employees who suffer with high blood pressure,  obesity, gerd, and scalloped tongue.  These are all implications that OSA may be present.”  says Dr. Vu.  Snoring, along with many of the symptoms Dr. Vu’s practice is suffering with are commonly connected with OSA.  “Many of my patients are currently on CPAP, but are non compliant, so we are happy to offer a solution.”  Oral Appliance Therapy is an effective way to treat mild to moderate OSA, and are saving lives with non compliant CPAP users.

For patients who suffer with snoring, high blood pressure, daytime fatigue, morning headaches, and even Type 2 Diabetes, relief may come from Oral Appliance Therapy.  Sacramento area patients can reach Dr. Vu’s friendly and knowledgeable staff at 916-787-1232 or online at  Galleria Smile Designs.


Satisfied is NOT enough. Make them leave you ENTHUSIASTIC
 and eager to tell the first person they see about their great experience.
clip_image002MA26870622-1398Make them want to tell their friends and families that you are caring and professional. Caring enough to be concerned about treating an entire person, not just their teeth and professional enough to know how conditions in the oral cavity effect the other systemic organs.
Dentists who perform services like a sleep disorder screening and are able to offer solutions like an intra-oral appliance will “wow” their patients and encourage them to be enthusiastic ambassadors. It’s easy to develop a marketing team like that. Simply take a course and learn Dental Sleep Medicine. 
The objective is to have every patient leave the office ENTHUSIASTIC and eager to tell the first person they see about their great dental office experiences. The side benefit of adding Dental Sleep Medicine to your practice is that you will be filling a un-served need  and helping a lot of suffering patients.


In short, LinkedIn is Business to Business (B2B) and the group members are sophisticated business people. You will make the best impression by demonstrating your expertise in your field, not by demonstrating your selling technique. Establish an image of being knowledgeable, honest and caring. Members will get to know you and (hopefully) look for your articles. They will get to trust you, welcome you and want to accept your advice. It may take a while to brand yourself but your success will grow. “Build a field and they will come.”
Here are some tips. 
Do adhere to the following simple tips and don’t underestimate your ROIT- Return on Investment of Time
Do– Present fresh ideas and material.
Don’t–  copy and paste someone else’s article unless you can add valuable input to it.
Do– Be a caring, humble educator.
Don’t– be a blatant self promoter. Members are busy and will skip right by an obvious “sale” post.
Do– Make your posts concise. Break your thoughts into easy to read paragraphs. Layout is important.
Don’t– make those seemingly endless, run-on sentences.
Do– You will be judged by your “appearance” so re-read your comment before you post it. Use a spell checker.
Don’t– write-off the “little” things. Obvious errors will be distractions from your message. You want to keep your reader focused.
Do– Make it an intriguing message opener. Use terms like “The Secret to ….” and “How to….”
Don’t– give the whole message here. Make the reader need to open the discussion.
3-17-15 LILinkedIn with its 330 million members offers an incredibly useful platform to network with potential business connections. In a short time I have built close to 2000 connections and I manage/own LinkedIn’s maximum of 10 networks. I am posting this discussion to share my experiences (trial and error) that have brought me new opportunities and much success. That’s it. I have nothing to sell you. I hope you find this useful.