The prestigious National Dental Association (NDA) has selected Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) to present “The Successful Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea in the Dental Office” at the 103rd Annual Convention of the NDA in Atlanta, Georgia.
SGS, a leader in Dental Sleep Medicine, trains dentists nationally to screen and treat the many victims of sleep apnea. SGS  lecturers present two day CE seminars every weekend in several cities across the country.
The National Dental Association had its earliest beginnings in 1900 when a group of 200 minority practitioners felt they needed a professional organization. After several evolutions, including a name change in 1907 to the Robert T. Freeman Dental Society (in honor of the first Black dental college graduate), in 1932 the National Dental Association was formed.
In 1965, the American Dental Association changed its policies to urge the cessation of discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity or creed among its member groups and affiliates.
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Dr. Hazel J. Harper became the first female president of the NDA in 1997.
The NDA, with 7000 members,  has grown beyond the national borders of the United States, adding members in Canada and the Caribbean. In 2009, it was working to expand intoAfrica and Saudi Arabia.
If you are a member of the NDA be sure to register for this valuable training. CE credits will be awarded.