Dr. Lipsey brings Sleep Apnea HOME SLEEP TESTING (HST) to New York

LIP 5Dr. Marty Lipsey, a highly respected authority in Dental Sleep Medicine and Medical Billing, presented a two-day seminar at the Crowne Plaza Times Square hotel on Broadway. With Ben Scarborough demonstrating the popular home use of the diagnostic equipment, Ben and Dr. Lipsey trained a large contingent of dentists in how to demonstrate to their patients the use of Home Sleep Testing. Considering the lower cost of HST and the comfort of self testing in the patient’s own environment, more and more people with sleep apnea symptoms are being tested.

3-9-14 BEN W MARTYThis was a “hands-on” training and the attendees were able have a real feel for the equipment. Dr. Lipsey, a presenter for Sleep Group Solutions, the largest dental sleep medicine education organization, is also the foremost authority on Medical Billing. He teaches dental teams how to bill their benefit companies (and Medicare) for services under medical codes.