SLEEEP SOUNDLY this fall- don’t sleep WITH SOUND.

8-3-14 SAW WOOD  

 In denial, many people still ask, “What’s the big deal about snoring?” “Don’t most people snore?”

Snoring is disturbing and is a major cause of spousal alienation. Who can sleep with the sounds of a freight train two feet away from their ear? Spouses of snorers often have to move into separate bed rooms and sales are up of homes with two Master bed rooms. Snoring is, however, the most attention demanding WARNING SIGN of serious sleep dysfunction. 

It is the common denominator in the Sleep Apnea equation. Snoring, like pain, should sound an alert to us that there is something more serious to look for under the surface.

We continue to learn about more illnesses connected to Sleep Apnea–


Researchers suggested a correlation between sleep apnea and increased cancer risk of any kind. A Cancer study of 1,240 participants who underwent colonoscopies found that those who slept fewer than six hours a night had a 50 percent spike in risk of colorectal adenomas, which can turn malignant over time. Another 2012 study identified a possible link between sleep and aggressive breast cancers. (Ref: 2010 American Cancer Society) 

Other serious ailments known to be tied to Sleep Apnea are:    Heart Disease. Strokes, Dementia, Depression, Diabetes Mellitus, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Daytime Fatigue, Motor Vehicle Accidents

With an assortment of health threats like these, all Sleep Apnea related, we need to show more respect to snoring.

3-24-14 SNORING

The word equinox means “equal night”; night and day are about the same length of time. This occurs two times each year: Vernal in late March and Autumnal in late September.


It’s mid-September and there are just a few months left to get those CE credits.
Here’s how to do it and score even greater benefits:
Have your Dental Study Club or local Dental Association schedule a meeting for a Dental Sleep Medicine presentation. We will provide all licensed attendees with materials,CE credits and most importantly, with a valuable introduction to DSM.
Presentation Outline
These presentations include analysis of patients’ symptoms and how to screen for them, scripts for an effective patient interview, how to motivate the Dental team to engage their patient on the subject, the morphology of the airway, comorbidities to look out for, the effects on the systemic organs, the reimbursement strategy and insurance billing using dental and medical coding.
4-20-13 GELB 3
Dentists who attended our DSM presentations have gone on to make DSM an important element on their practices.
Email me at to check on available dates.


The pioneer is the creator, the inventor, forges the routes, leaps the barriers and opens new worlds. The crusader watches and says, “I could have done it better”.

5-12-12 Indira2

Indira Gandhi, First woman Prime Minister of India 1980-1984
“My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.” ~Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi was the first woman Prime Minister of India- 1980-1984



  ☆ From coast to coast.  From Irvine, CA to Washington, DC. ☆
On Friday and Saturday, September 18,19, scores of dentists will become rising stars in the Dental Sleep Medicine universe.  In a two day training program, in both of these cities, the most comprehensive introduction to DSM will be presented. The nation’s most knowledgeable sleep authorities will present  a program with an interactive hands-on opportunity to work with sophisticated diagnostic equipment. 
One third of your patients suffer from sleep dysfunction. Are you prepared to help them?  Join the force. Your patients need you.
This training course will make it easy for you to get started as a “sleep doctor”. It is two full days and offers 16 CE credits.  You can read the course outline, meet the presenters and register here for any of the courses: