We “Fall Back” on Sunday, Nov. 2 and can gain an hour of sleep.
Before going to bed Saturday night, set your clocks back one hour.

10-28-13 FALL BACK. 1

How are you planing to take advantage of the extra hour? In order to fulfill the essential number of regenerating sleep cycles the average adult needs 7-8 hours.

Do you sleep soundly or sleep with sound?

7-14-12 SNORINGThis fall, dentists have the opportunity to spring forward with Dental Sleep Medicine and help the millions of their Sleep Apnea victims.

Upcoming training seminars by DSM experts are available in the following cities:

Philadelphia        Dr. Damian Blum
Dallas                  Dr. Marty Lipsey
Oklahoma City    Dr.Damian Blum
Atlanta                 Dr. Marty Lipsey
Hollywood, FL     Dr. Dan Tache’
Dr Barry Freydberg
Indianapolis        Dr. George Jones
Orlando               Dr Anjoo Ely

LIP 8You can view the dates and course outlines and register here:

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