BUFFALO- Are you able to help these patients?

Does your New Patient Exam include a screening for Sleep Apnea? 
It is reported that 34% of the population has SA symptoms. Of the next three patients 
that walk thru your doors, one is a Sleep Apnea victim.  Are you able to help them?
1-29-13  SNORING
In a 2 day seminar Dr. Marty Lipsey presents a Dental Sleep protocol A to Z, 
                                    including his unique systems on 
                  Medical Insurance billing- Codes, Fees and Procedures.

                     Friday and Saturday, July 25 and 26 in Buffalo, NY
7-18-14 BUFFALO NITE SKY Dentists are in the first line of discovery and defense of many systemic diseases. 
We are often the first ones to discover diabetes, oral cancer, SLEEP APNEA. 
The three serious conditions listed above are all too frequently under-diagnosed. 
New tools and techniques are now available for dental professionals to be able to 
do far more as comprehensive caregivers for their patients. 
Sleep Apnea Screening
--Patients are realizing how a blockage of oxygen to the brain, caused by 
nocturnal apnoeic events, can influence systemic damage. 
-Sleep Apnea is connected to strokes, cardiac arrest, diabetes, dementia and 
motor vehicle accidents. 
-The public asks their dentists for help and most dentists are unprepared. 
- Less than 1% of practicing dentists are trained and qualified to screen and treat 
the over 40 million victims of Sleep Apnea.
                                     -Are you prepared to help them? 

LIP 5In a 2 day seminar Dr. Lipsey will train you in Dental Sleep Medicine with 16 CE credits. 
                   Friday and Saturday, July 25 and 26 in Buffalo, NY

Review the course outline and register here:
Daily&action=View&event_id=0000004261&caldate=2014-7-18 Dr. Marty Lipsey Dr. Marty Lipsey, received his DDS degree from UCLA and a Master of Science 
from Northwestern University Dental School. Dr. Lipsey is the founder of 
Dental Sleep Med Systems, offering dental teams assistance in implementing and 
improving dental sleep medicine practices, including electronic medical billing 
and successful insurance coding and processing. Dr. Lipsey is also a 
Sleep Group Solutions Instructor, and teaches Dental Sleep Medicine regularly.
                  Are you providing a Comprehensive Exam?
11-26-13 DOS EQUOS


 In denial, many people still ask, 
"What's the big deal about snoring?" "Don't most people snore?"
Snoring is disturbing and is a major cause of spousal alienation. 
Who can sleep with the sounds of a freight train two feet away from your ear?
Spouses of snorers often have to move into separate bed rooms and sales 
are up of homes with two Master bed rooms.
3-24-14 SNORING
Snoring is, however, the most attention-demanding WARNING SIGN 
of serious sleep dysfunction. 
It is the common denominator in the Sleep Apnea equation.
Snoring, like pain, should sound an alert to us that there is something 
more serious to look for under the surface.

We continue to learn about more illnesses connected to Sleep Apnea:
Researchers suggested a correlation between sleep apnea and increased cancer risk of any kind. 
A Cancer study of 1,240 participants who underwent colonoscopies found that those who slept 
fewer than six hours a night had a 50 percent spike in risk of colorectal adenomas, which 
can turn malignant over time. 
Another 2012 study identified a possible link between sleep and aggressive breast cancers.
Ref:  2010 American Cancer Society 

Other serious ailments known to be tied to Sleep Apnea:
Dementia Obesity
Diabetes Mellitus
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Daytime Fatigue
Motor Vehicle Accidents

 With an assortment of health threats like these, all Sleep Apnea related, 
we need to show more respect to snoring.
7-14-12 SNORING