Does your New Patient exam include a Sleep Apnea screening? 
-Patients are realizing how a blockage of oxygen to the brain, caused by nocturnal 
apnoeic events, can influence systemic damage. 
-Sleep Apnea is connected to strokes, cardiac arrest, diabetes and dementia.  
-The public asks their dentists for help- most dentists are unprepared. 
-Less than 4% of practicing dentists are trained and qualified to screen and treat 
the over 40 million victims of Sleep Apnea. 
-One of the next three patients that walk thru your doors is a Sleep Apnea victim. 
-Are you prepared to help them? 
1-29-13  SNORINGDentists are in the first line of discovery and defense of many systemic diseases. 
We are often the first ones to discover sleep apnea, diabetes and oral cancer. 
These serious conditions lare all too frequently under-diagnosed. 
New tools and techniques are now available for dental professionals to be able to 
do far more as comprehensive caregivers for their patients. An interdisciplinary 
approach, enabling conferencing and sharing of information between patients' 
full medical teams will provide the most reliable diagnosis and optimal treatment.
Dr. Jeff Horowitz has a unique perspective on Dental Sleep Medicine and 
will share ideas from his own successful dental practice

Learn Dental Sleep Medicine with 16 CE credits. 

Friday and Saturday, May 2nd and 3rd in Miami, Fla., at the Sclar Center.  
In beautiful South Miami, Florida, the Sclar Center is just 20 minutes from 
Miami International Airport by car or taxi. It is easily accessible by all major airlines.  
After enjoying the Dental Sleep Medicine seminar, you can also take advantage 
of Miami's excellent recreational activities and dining options.
4-23-14 SCLAR

This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge to confidently return to your practice and immediately begin implementing new screening and treatment protocols.

In this 2 day seminar Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz presents a Dental Sleep protocol from A to Z, including Medical Insurance billing- Codes, Fees and Procedures.1-21-13 LOGO DENTAL PROS SHARING

Review the course outline and register here:

Dr. Jeffrey Horowitz


Dr Horowitz has dedicated himself to continuing education, earning fellowship award from the Academy of General Dentistry, Mentorship status at the prestigious Kois Center for Advanced Dental Studies, and fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Dr. Horowitz is also a member of the American Association of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Are you providing a Comprehensive Exam?



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