Doctor- do you want to start your own Study Club?

“I’ve always wanted to, but didn’t know how to begin”

Climb the ladder of Success

1-21-12 Success Ladder

Think of the benefits:
-Increase interdisciplinary cooperation for your patients’ welfare.
-Share knowledge with dental GP’s, specialists and other healthcare professionals including physicians.
-Co-present seminars to groups of potential new patients.
-Build prestige and recognition for yourself and your practice.
-Demonstrate your leadership.

5-20-12 HUMAN PYRPlease contact me and I will be happy to help you get started.
I will show you how to build your group, arrange meetings, get creative and magnetic topics, promote your seminars to the public, and attain all the benefits.

1-21-13 LOGO DENTAL PROS SHARINGDISCLOSURE: I am not selling anything. My interest is to promote good health and the image of First Class dentistry.

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