If you weren’t there, you missed one of the best Sleep Medicine seminars ever.

Twenty-one attendees- novices and experienced dentists alike, were treated to 8 hours of practical, valuable “hands-on” education, demonstrating the selection, placement and titration of various Oral Appliances. On Saturday, 20 April 2013, at the SGS offices in Hollywood, Florida, there were dentists from Virginia, Maryland, NYC, Missouri, and throughout Florida.

Dr. Michael Gelb who is respected as one of the most knowledgeable dentists in sleep disorders and TMD was joined by David Walton, founding partner of Respire Medical, and Ben Scarborough of Sleep Group Solutions.

4-20-13 GELB

Dr. Gelb said , “For men, sleep apnea is a lifestyle problem.” He explained how it effects so much of normal function. Referring to oral appliance toleration, he compares oral appliances to Invisalign trays. Dr. Gelb prefers the hard/hard appliances because they are easier to trim and adjust, easier to clean, and are thinner on the lingual surfaces, which provides more room for the tongue.

Meeting attendees had the opportunity to make their own appliances. David Walton said he is considering holding this program again in a few months. Look for it!

4-20-13 GELB 3

In the meantime, you can choose from this comprehensive selection of cities and dates of sleep seminars presented by some of the most highly recognized experts in Sleep Medicine. http://sleepgroupsolutions.com/2.0/modules/piCal/index.php?smode=&op=&cid=2

Dr. Gelb will be speaking at the AAPMD in Oakland, Calif. on Fri June 14 – Sat June 15. The American Association of Physiological Medicine & Dentistry is a multidisciplinary group formed to build a bridge between physicians, dentists, other health care practitioners and the public to provide fuller, integrated care for children and adults.
David Walton’s Herbst Pink, Respire Blue and Green are among the world’s most popular sleep apnea intra-oral appliances.
Ben Scarborough is a Speaker and Account Representative of Sleep Group Solutions, the nations’ most comprehensive organization in Sleep Apnea education and service.


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