Study Sleep Medicine with Dr.Slabach in San Antonio June 7-8 (Special 50% Rate)

. Learn to become a Sleep Medicine Dentist, with 16 CE credits.

SEMINAR SPECIAL: $495 + 3 FREE staff

River Walk                                        The Alamo

6-3-13 SAN ANT RIVERThe Alamo  

This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge to confidently return to your practice and immediately begin implementing new screening and treatment protocols.

In this 2 day seminar Dr. Dawne Sabach explains how Dentists can benefit their patients and themselves by being “The Sleep Dentist”.


Getting Into Dental Sleep Medicine is Exciting!

After the Seminar Dr. Sabach will continue to Mentor you, giving you the confidence to be a Sleep Medicine Doctor.

Read the 2-day course outline and register here:

Dr. Dawne Slabach has a clinical practice focused on Sleep-Disordered Breathing, TMJ disorders and orthodontics. Her passion for treating patients comes from her own personal experiences with all three areas of treatment. Dr. Slabach received her B.S. in Biochemistry in 1984 and her Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1988, both from the Ohio State University. She is a Diplomate in the Academy of Sleep Disorders Disciplines, Distinguished Fellow in the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and a Certified Assistant Instructor for the International Association of Orthodontics. She is also a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and an assistant instructor for Rondeau Seminars. She has been practicing and teaching Dental Sleep Medicine for the past 8 years.

1-29-13  SNORING



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