Sending your patients an End of Year Benefit Reminder now will give you time to send any PreTreatment Estimates needed and still have time to seat any crowns before the end of the year.

With just a few months left in the year, it’s time to remind patients of their unused benefits…to use or lose.. Your patients may have also forgotten about those unused insurance benefits that have been deducted from their salary all year and they will be lost if not used!    They Could be Losing Benefits They’ve Already Earned.

Don’t let your patients throw their money down the drain!

Remember to Email, Tweet, and post on Facebook.

New prospects looking for a dentist have unused insurance benefits, too, and you just need to let them know where they can use them…in your office!

Here is a sample notice:

Subject: You Could be Losing Benefits You’ve Already Earned.

Another year is winding down! We wanted to remind you to make sure you take advantage of any unused dental insurance benefits you may have remaining since most companies do not allow you to carry these over to the next year.

Not sure if you have benefits remaining? No problem! Call us at (office telephone number) or email (office email address) to schedule your appointment, or if we can be of assistance in any way. We’re here for you!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

(Doctor’s Name)

Sample Tweet or Facebook post –  Reminder: Take advantage of any unused Insurance benefits before the end of the year. They don’t carry over. Call us. (phone) (124 characters)

DOCTOR: Is “The ECONOMY” affecting YOUR Dental Practice? Why?

The only ECONOMY you should be concerned about is the ECONOMY OF YOUR TIME.
 Let others complain about a weak Economy; YOU know how YOU can flourish.
Plan your day
Use the Morning Huddle. Coordinate your dental team for the day to work cohesively, create a seamless flow, increase efficiency, reduce stress, and provide exceptional patient care. 
Schedule your patients for efficiency and production
See the “high production” services at the start of the day and first after the lunch break – when you are at your peak concentration and performance. 
Create a “uniqueness ” for your dental practice, and Brand yourself with it.
Stay consistent and don’t get distracted from your plan and its OUTCOMES. 
Select your Resources for economy and “one stop shopping”
Use a service like the Dental Mall Online to save your time and money, and select from vetted, reliable, vendors.
Don’t pour money down the drain. TIME is money.
  “Dost thou love life?

Then do not squander time, for time is the stuff life is made of .”

– Ben Franklin

The creator of the first Post Office in the United States,

depicted on the first adhesive American postage stamp (1847).


American Academy of Pediatrics Recommends Screening For Snoring Kids

All kids should be screened for snoring, and those who do snore regularly should be screened for sleep apnea, according to recently released recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

“If left untreated, OSAS can result in problems such as behavioral issues, cardiovascular problems, poor growth and developmental delays.”

The recommendations come from an analysis of 350 past studies on the subject. They are published in the journal Pediatrics.

Children who have adenotonsillar hypertrophy — the No. 1 cause of obstructive sleep apnea in kids, according to a 2003 study — should have their tonsils and adenoids removed, according to the recommendations.  MedicalNewsToday reported in 2004 on a study showing that tonsil and adenoid removal — known as adenotonsillectomy — is being done more and more for the purposes of obstructive sleep apnea, versus tonsil infection. In fact, nine in 10 tonsil and adenoid removal surgeries are done for sleep apnea reasons.

If a child receives tonsil and adenoid removal surgery for sleep apnea, but still has signs of the condition, he or she should then undergo continuous positive airway pressure, according to the new recommendations.

But for kids who snore who don’t have adenotonsillar hypertrophy, nasal corticosteroid medications should be used, the recommendations said. And if kids who snore are obese or overweight, weight loss could help to relieve symptoms.