WHAT ‘UNIQUENESS” ARE PATIENTS LOOKING FOR TODAY? What would make YOU stand out and be sought out?


What would make YOU stand out and be sought out?
I attended the Miami Dental Expo last week and I want to report to you on what the “hottest” dental niche areas appeared to be. I’m sure you understand that now, more than ever, you need to stand out and be able to offer not only EXCELLENCE, but also DIFFERENCE. In this sluggish economy, where there is a perception of “financial doom”, (I personally don’t believe in that.), dental consumers have a tight hold on their wallets and reports of dental service acceptance show a concerning drop.
What are YOU doing now to offer a unique service? Your First Class Service and Patient Engagement are expected as basic “givens”. But what is your clinical niche? Are YOU the dental practice they must go to? Are you the only practice around that offers “invisible” braces, or mini-implant dentures or Nutritional Analysis ? And if so, are you promoting your unique brand to its full capacity? Are you the “Holistic Dentist”, the “Snooze Dentist”, the “Soft Tissue Management Dentist”?
The attendees at the Miami meeting seemed to be most interested in the following:
  • Holistic Dentistry       It’s a lot more than elimination of amalgam-mercury fillings..
  • Storing Teeth for future Stem Cell Usage        http://wp.me/p1OXM3-45
  • Patient Engagement and Marketing.                 http://wp.me/p1OXM3-4X
  • Sleep Apnea solutions                                   Many people believe they have the problem
In discussions at the booths and while walking around I found the answer to be “supply meeting demand”. The doctors felt that their patients were most interested in these areas and were either asking about them or responded very positively when surveyed by team members. The doctors wanted to learn more because of their patients’ interest.
Remember how it was about 15 years ago when teeth whitening (aka “bleaching”) was the “new kid on the block”? If you had an “in-office” Bright Smile or Zoom machine, you could schedule an operatory all day long with patients from near and far. And then we had the “porcelain age of dentistry”, when the media made patients very image-conscious for “smile enhancements” at any cost, and the public was more confident in the future of the economy . Teeth whitening is now offered in nearly every practice, and in most as a discounted loss leader. Cosmetic crowns and veneers are now a lower patient priority.     http://wp.me/p1OXM3-1d
If you have a unique brand, promote it, let it make you famous! If you need one, follow the trend setters and pick up on the areas that were popular at the meeting…. or better yet- crate a new niche by finding some unfulfilled patient need, and supplying it.
Benjamin Franklin

3 thoughts on “WHAT ‘UNIQUENESS” ARE PATIENTS LOOKING FOR TODAY? What would make YOU stand out and be sought out?

  1. Again, Charles you are right on the money again. Most of all, dentists must do their homework about what those people in their target market are looking for and to adapt to meet that need. I have found that his can vary. However, sleep apnea and amalgam removal treatment is very hot now. Also, dentists must stay ahead of the curve or be left behind.

    One more thing, patients will part with their cash if the dentist AND his/her staff come across as sincerely interested in their patients; not just quick to sell!

  2. Charles, it’s easy to see why you are held in such high regard by those in the dental industry!

    I contend that we’re surrounded by what I often call, “a dull sameness” in the dental community. I’m reminded of that old song, “Little Boxes” (look for it on iTunes). As the song says, “We are all made of tickie-tackie and we all look just the same.”

    Are your operatories identical to the guy down the block? Does your receptionist answer your phone the same way they do? Do you treat your clients like every other practice in town? Shame on you! It takes so little effort to be different…to be BETTER. Make waves! They don’t even have to be big waves, just stop treading water! And soon, people will take notice.

    • Steve~ Thank you for your kind words; I don’t deserve them. I just write what I believe. You are the one with the UNIQUE marketing service for dentists. If I were practicing today your newsletter would be my top resource. ~Charles

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