Celebrate Your Dental Office to Your Community

Chambers of Commerce provide a “Ribbon Cutting Ceremony” as part of your membership. A new (or established) dental office can plan a “Grand Opening” and invite key members of the community, influential neighboring businesses, and possibly a “celebrity” to draw more people.  THROW A PARTY!
The Chamber will provide publicity to all their members and they will send the Chamber “Ambassadors” to the event. They will photograph and publicize the event afterward. This is all at NO CHARGE to the Chamber member. Chambers of Commerce almost everywhere use the same technique. The new doctor can send out personal invitations to the local elected officials. If given enough advance notice, and a good personal invitation, you can bet that the Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Sheriff, City Manager,and Mayor and Vice Mayor will be there.  
The event takes about 2 hours, costs nothing beyond the refreshments or snacks, and ALWAYS gives a new dental practice a jump start. Some invitees make appointments right on the spot. Have your office team prepared to give office tours, be social, and MAKE APPOINTMENTS.  A Chamber photographer will take group pictures of the dental team posed with other dignitaries who attended.
The Chamber will publish the photograph in their next publication and forward a press release to your local neighborhood news journal. In both publications there will be a “bio”, written or edited by YOU. You will be able to have a copy of the photo for you own personally generated publicity.
The pictures and publicity keep on working for you ad infinitum. Can you imagine anything with a greater ROI?
The Ribbon Cutting ceremony can also be used for a 1st, 5th,  20th Anniversary, relocation, team addition, or any business-related celebration.

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